An illustrated book about Japan

Our first author’s book, Pikunikku, was published in September 2017 by a Czech publishing house Labyrint (Raketa label). It is an illustrated book about Japan, designed for both children and adults. It is a collection of memories and curiosities collected by Monika, a graphic designer and a student of Japanese, during her stay in a Japanese host family.

The book is divided into four themes — Everyday Life, Pop-culture, At Home and Tradition & Folklore. It is focused mainly on the illustration, accompanied by brief explanatory texts.

Pikunikku, © Monika Baudišová & Jordi Trilla (pinkpill design™)

Published in the Czech Republic by Labyrint/Raketa
Published in Spain (Spanish and Catalan) by Impedimenta
Published in France by Actes Sud Junior

• Listed among the Best books for kids 2017 (Czech Republic)
• Czech Grand Design 2017 – Illustrator of the year (nominated)
Gold Ribbon 2018 – Fiction for Children and Youth (nominated)

During Monika’s stay in Tokyo with a local family, she drew dozens of sketchbooks with illustrations of all the things she learned, saw and ate. After her return, pinkpill design gathered all that material and came up with Pikunikku. The result is funny and surprising, and it shows different aspects of Japanese culture, gastronomy, and everyday life.

For the promotion of the book we have created several merchandising elements. Exclusive t-shirts (limited edition!), cool badges, stickers, posters … You can find some in our online STORE!

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