Wall Art Illustration

Wall Art for Hanoi Corner, the first Vietnamese coffee shop and tea room in Paris.

They entrusted the creation of a 1×2 meter wall art behind the bar, that makes people want to try and discover the vietnamese coffee. They are the first vietnamese coffee shop in Paris and French people don’t know about vietnamese coffee, thus, they think they are just in a vietnamese restaurant.

On the graphic they would like to describe the differents things that makes the vietnames coffee.


Client: Hanoi Corner, Cantine Viet.

For the illustration we have created several items related to Vietnamese coffee. The illustrations represent some utensils and elements used for its preparation.

For the main illustration, we have created a character, who manages around him, the elements that are part of the Vietnamese coffee. It is dynamic and fun and is based on an explosion of coffee contains the title: Vietnamese coffee.

Complete composition, proposal in color.
Finally, the client chose a version composed mostly of green tones, similar to those used outside the coffee shop.

tags:   illustration