Avast Foundation
“One World festival 2016” spot

A campaign created for the AVAST Foundation during the One World festival 2016 (International Human rights documentary film festival). The aim was to create a short informative animation, in order to explain to the audience where does the Foundation come from and where do they focus their financial help. The video was supposed to be clear, friendly and entertaining, as it was screened before every movie during the festival. We decided to use colorful and agile flat design. Based on the characters made for the animation, we created almost 200 hundred characters in total to use in the posters of the campaign. The idea was to reflect the huge amount of people involved in the community of AVAST and AVAST Foundation.

Client AVAST Foundation

"Don’t forget to vote"
Mini spot

Another short sport was created to remind the viewers not to forget to vote after the movie; in the end of the festival the AVAST Foundation announced the Audience Award.

“One World festival" posters

Three posters were designed in order to show the Foundation’s connection to AVAST Software and depict how big is the user’s community all around the world, thanks to which AVAST is able to support the Foundation and help.

The illustrations are flat, colorful and friendly; they reflect unity, tolerance and protection. Based on the characters made for the animation, we created almost 200 characters in total for the posters to show the variety of nationalities, ages and styles of people involved.

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