Works PINKPILL identity

Business cards

Our personal business cards had to be something special. We wanted to come up with something original, cool and clean at the same time. We decided to create a big pattern out of our illustrations and random huge words, and use it as a background for the base, which then was cut into 25 different cards. This way each card has its unique back side with a different piece of the colorful pattern and the pinkpill logo in the center. The front side is just a very minimal link to our web or personal email, no need to write more.

PINKPILL identity

Handmade Serigraphy

We used pink and turquoise colors with a little fluorescent touch. The cards were hand printed using the serigraphy technique, which gives them a nice human touch of “perfect imperfection”. We are very happy with the result!

Printed by Barba Silkscreen Atelier

PINKPILL identity
PINKPILL identity
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