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Jim Jarmusch
Special Edition packaging

Design by Jordi Trilla and Monika Baudisova, while working for the company DOBCN. Special compilation of the 6 most relevant movies directed by Jim Jarmusch. We have chosen clean and elegant visual style. On the cover, there are colorful movie title tiles over an unfocused background image of the director. The material used for the box has a silver glossy surface, and the edition reflects a mysterious and attractive image.

Authorship of the project DOBCN.

Graphic design by Jordi Trilla & Monika Baudisova.

Jim Jarmusch

DVD main menus

We have maintained the same aesthetic for the DVD discs and movie menus. The use of blurred black and white photos, combined with translucent bold colors and white capital letters, gives a very powerful aspect to the whole.

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