Works Control, BR Design

Blu-Ray Menu design

Design by Jordi Trilla, while working for the company DOBCN. Design of the menus for the Blu-Ray edition of the movie CONTROL, directed by Anton Corbijn, about the last years of Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division and an icon of the English post-punk. The blu-ray menu is mounted on a fixed shot of Ian, rotating in an infinite loop interspaced by fragments of various moments of the film, the menus appear in a deconstructed and rough way. Along with the music, it creates a hypnotic atmosphere preparing the viewers for the movie they’re about to see.


Authorship of the project DOBCN.

Graphic design by Jordi Trilla.


Control, BR Design

extras menu

Since the main menu was formed by a fixed shot of Ian, for the extra menu we searched for a sequence of the protagonist walking. The camera follows him through a door, we see him from the front, until he enters another door, and then see him from behind. Both menus attempt to reflect the dramatic and conflicting tone of Ian’s life, his relationship with his wife and lover, his seizures of epilepsy, extraordinary talent and overwhelming live performances.

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