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Bear Beer
Rock band merch

Based on a makeshift drawing that Abril once made directly on an old recycled shirt for a Bear Beer concert, it occurred to use it as the merchandising of the band. Following the concept, we used the photo “hey dude! Look what an awesome tshirt I just pulled out” as a cover for a cassette recording of the band’s rehearsal. A wink to the “old school” bands, could you be even more grunge?

Illustration Abril Salip
Client BearBeer band


A photo of the tshirt on a tote bag.  A photo of the tshirt on a tshirt.  And of course, a reproduction of the original drawing.

Anyone interested in a tshirt, or the cassette, we promise get it delivered to you! 6€ for a tshirt, we’ll see about the cassette… Shipping not included.

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