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Avast Foundation Rebranding

Avast Foundation
Logo redesign

The Avast Foundation rebranding took place in autumn 2016, simultaneously with the rebranding of the entire AVAST company. In order to keep Avast Foundation old style and visual effect, the same symbol was maintained but updated, based on the new amoeba shape and flat design style.

During the past years, the symbol of the Avast Foundation has become widely recognized and associated with the brand. It can be interpreted in various ways, like a flower symbolizing harmony and peacefulness, or as two persons holding and supporting each other, emphasizing the foundation concept of ‘Together’.

Client Avast Foundation

Avast Foundation Rebranding
Avast Foundation Rebranding

New website

The new website was launched together with the rebranded logo. The aim was to bring out the new concept, “Together”, break away from the corporate background of the foundation and redirect the focus on people and their life stories. This was mainly accomplished by implementing a video landing page and leaving space for many high-quality photographs and portraits taken by Milan Bureš. The final result is visually attractive, clean and engaging, with clear information and easy orientation.

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